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American Journal of Applied Sharkeological Arts

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22nd June 2005

baset10:30pm: Great White Shark Dies in Captivity
MONTEREY, Calif. - A great white shark mistakenly captured by fishermen died shortly after the Monterey Bay Aquarium transported it to an ocean holding pen.


The 5-foot, 60-pound shark was caught eight days ago off Huntington Beach before a 4 million gallon holding pen had been moved from storage in Mexico and set up in ocean waters off Malibu. Aquarium officials initially moved the female shark to a much smaller holding pool in San Pedro until the larger pen was ready.

The shark was finally moved to the ocean pen on Friday. It was found dead on Sunday.

"It seemed like a reasonable thing to do," said aquarium spokesman Ken Peterson. "Our husbandry staff had some comfort level." But he acknowledged that "something in transit took longer than it should have."

Researchers had not yet decided whether to tag and release the animal or move her north to the aquarium display. Another white shark that had been held for a record 198 days, drawing record visitors, was released back into the wild in March after growing too large and too aggressive.

The cause of death was under investigation. The animal had not eaten since her capture, but it was not clear whether that was caused by an injury, stress from her capture or an unknown medical condition. The results from a necropsy were not immediately available.

"The best indication is she just kind of ran out of gas from not having eaten," Peterson said.

The shark also had injured an eye, though it's not clear when or how that occurred.

"We didn't feel comfortable releasing it into the wild," Peterson said.

The death is not expected to affect the shark research program, though it does fuel debate over whether the aquarium should be trying to keep white sharks in captivity.

"These animals can't be kept long term, and short-term captivity compromises them," said Sean Van Sommeran, executive director of the Pelagic Shark Research Foundation in Santa Cruz.

But Chris Lowe, director of the California State University, Long Beach's SharkLab, which works with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, disagrees.

"We're just scratching the surface in terms of what we understand about these animals," he said. "We've learned more in the last four years than we did in the previous 50."


On the Net: Monterey Bay Aquarium: http://www.mbayaq.org/

11th March 2005

baset11:54am: I thought this may be a great url to explore: http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/fish/education/questions/Basics.html#species

17th February 2005

rowankline1:59pm: 1. who you are: Rowan Kline - a land locked ocean lover
2. how you found us: was taking a gander at the shark groups
3. why you are interested in Sharkeology: I have recently read two really good books 12 days of Terror and the pre-published version of The Devil's Teeth. Both really held me rapt in the book for days and got me interested in learning more about sharks.....so here I am.

21st October 2004

jonbenet_300010:04am: preliminary remarks on sharkeology, fall 2004
1. the ark of the covenant was originally known as 'the shark of the covenant'. it was a giant shark that god gave the jews, and it melted nazis.

2. sharks are filled with molten lava. volcanos are colonies of sharks that are resting (but moving very very slowly).

3. shark colors change every season. this years fall season colors are as follows. (thanks are in order for alexis for these fine photographs).

a. smoked glass

b. built on rock and roll

c. faux leopard fur

d. electric slide

e. decoupage inspired by ukranian eggs

f. coach

g. blue

4. the electic slide dance is based on the mating rituals of electric slide colored sharks.

5. sharks are extraoridinarily proficient at learning foreign languages, which accounts for the fact that most governments employ large amounts of them in their dimplomatic and intelligence bureaus.

6. henry rollins has two pet sharks.

7. sharks do not have teeth, only holographic projections of teeth to scare enemies. all prey decimation is accomplished using radio-wave-based nazi-melting technology.

8. sharks rely heavily upon sonar because their eyes are only stuck-on googly eyes.

9. speed dating was pioneered by sharking in the northern atlantic.

10. the volume of a shark can be determined by multiplying the number of its holographic teeth with the amount of parents it has plus its height. the sum is expressed in T/sL.

more to come...

6th October 2004

bunnypox2:19pm: Shark Lecture part 1.
This is the first part of a series of notes taken from Wednesday night lectures on Sharkeology given by Professor For(24)est D'Esopo the leading expert in the field of the Applied arts of Sharkeology .

Sharks are magical creatures and come in 6 different colors, "They are much like a 7 layer burrito except that they are a 6 layer sharkarito,"(D'Esopo)
The 6 colors they come in are:
1 blue

2 shark colored

3 grey with multi colored specks

4 completely see-through

5 made of brick

6 on fire

Sharks are unable to stop swimming or they die, this is why they are anti-cancerous. Their aura will keep you from getting cancer ever if you keep a shark in a giant tank in your house. Please note the tank must be pretty large in order for you to properly take in the shark's aura.

Baby sharks are known as pups.

Sharks receive their first set of teeth when they are 2 month old pups. Their parents buy them their first training set and the three subsequently larger sets to grow into. The number of a set of teeth is always a prime number for example the first set has 13 teeth the next has 17 the next 23 the next 29 and so on and so on.
Most Shark teeth come in two styles: the moderately priced enamel teeth(this enamel is more like the enamel on your stove, than like the enamel on your teeth) and the more expensive ivory teeth. There have, however, been occaisions when a shark parent has been unable to procure a set of teeth due to financial hardship and was forced to make do for teeth. So it isn't completely unheard of to see a shark with teeth made of screws or bits of glass much like Ol' Dirty Bastard's.

A good Shark parent will know instinctively how to aquire shark teeth. It is required of the shark to jump exactly 16 feet out of the water straight into the air, upon which the shark then reaches a trans-dimensional plateau, known as the teeth dimension.
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